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Laura Gao

Video Creator Speedcuber Math Nerd Web Developer

About me

Hey! I'm Laura, a 15 y/o on a journey to impact billions. I'm passionate about helping humanity overcome extinction events, through entrepreneurship and emerging tech. I'm specifically interested in space tech (colonizing Mars + electric rockets) and the problem of electronic waste. My biggest ambitions are to go to space and to start a company with a mission like Elon Musk's.

I've recently started getting into filmmaking and animation, uploading videos on YouTube.

This year, I'm starting as an innovator at The Knowledge Society (TKS).

Working on writing articles on Medium.

If you would like to tag along my journey, you can sign up for my newsletter. It's gonna be an exponentially wild ride.

My journey so far

I'm currently working on...

Judging #monkeyleague

The Monkey League is a speedcubing competition that features world class cubers such as Tymon Kolasinski, Feliks Zemdegs, and Leo Borromeo. 8 competitors battle fiercly for a price pool of over $1000, and each match attracts thousands of viewers from all across the world. Hosted and organized by WCA World Championships finalist Phillip Lewicki, the Monkey League is a huge step towards making cubing a well-recognized spectator sport.

Innovating at TKS

The Knowledge Society is a human accelerator designed to teach teens the skills and mindsets required to solve the world's biggest problems by leveraging emerging tech. It is a network of the most ambitious teenagers from all across the world. At TKS, I will dive deep into next-generation technologies such as gene editing, AI, space tech, virtual reality, and quantum computing.

TOPS Program @ MGCI

One of the best math + science programs in Canada.

Self studying APs

This year, I'm taking the AP Macroeconomics, AP World History, and AP Computer Science exams.


Gotta get em AMC scores 👀

Learning to code

Code is the language of the future. gotta jump on that train early. don't wanna get left behind. 3 weeks ago, I made a committment to spend 2 hours per day on learning to code. With little prior experience, I went through multiple online courses and took lots of notes. Finished HTML/CSS last week and finished python basics, and this website is my first legit code project :D Next step: learn how to use javascript with web dev + learn more advanced python. Which modules should I learn tho...

Making videos

I use Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, and Illustrator.